Homemade bouillon cube

Homemade Bouillon Cubes

Homemade bouillon cubes
Homemade bouillon cubes

Ok Let’s try this again. I love it when wordpress eat a completed post. It is getting cold outside. Even here in Tennessee it’s down to 21° already. With the cold comes the crud. With a combination of the weather and building I feel like crap. Sore throat, runny nose and achy. When I get like this there my go to solution is soup. It’s easy to make and warms you. It drives back the funk. Especially when made from homemade bouillon cubes.

Like I talked about recently I don’t like store bought bouillon cubes. They have all kinds of junk in them I don’t like. I have looked all over for better ones and have not found any. The solution is homemade bouillon cubes. Not the little rocks you get in the store but real ones. They are easy and good for you too.


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