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It’s been so long since I’ve written something and I sure have missed it. I’m not even going to make an excuse here. I have been dealing with a lot and had to get through with it. I am much better now, I came through it transformed and ready to take Survivalpunk to it’s full potential. Today I’m going to review some of the things I’ve been up to and future plans for the site. I have missed all of you so prepare to see a lot more of my posts. Not only am I back but I’ll be bringing a few friends with me. Expect a few exciting guest posts from some of the great friends I’ve made with this blog. Expect to see more of my cooking and paleo recipes. I’ve heard from so many that they miss the DIY projects and I will be making that a priority. The podcast will continue to be a weekly segment. I’ve heard from many who are really digging the dynamic duo of James and Mike and their common man vibe. So let’s get into what I’ve been up to and where we will be going as a community.

Join James and Mike from Survivalpunk today as we discuss topics such as a Devastating ice storm, Anarchy in the Ukraine, Crossfit, Paleo Mre's and much more.


from December to April
from December to April

Getting Healthy

Last year around October I decided I was tired of the path my life was going. My weight was getting out of control, I was fast approaching the 300 pound mark and that is not a line I will pass. I could not do the active things I wanted to do and I felt horrible. I finally managed to get things in order. I began eating strict paleo, and low carb high fat. In December I made the life changing decision to join a crossfit gym and have not looked back yet. I’ve made great progress in reclaiming my fitness. I’ve lost over fifty pounds since then and gained much needed muscle. Paleo and Crossfit was the knock out combo I needed.

Debt Free

So I’ve been really focused on paying my car off. It was the only debt that I had and I wanted it gone. For so long now I had been going to a job that I hated to pay for the car to get me to said job.  With lot’s of scraping and selling I managed to pay off 7 grand in about 3 months. It’s feels pretty damn good too! It frees up $400 a month to go to a much better cause.



The Search For Land

Now that I have no debt my search for land to begin my homestead begins. I began looking around for my own piece of land to crave out an existence on. I’m looking for a piece in the 3~5 acre range, rural and underdeveloped. I want to be able to access at least electricity and be able to get high speed internet. I’m also looking for an area with minimal to no building codes. I plan to live on it while I build a tiny house. Although some of  surrounding states might be good I’m trying to stay in the great state of Tennessee.



The Future

I’m really going to make a push here to take Survivalpunk as far as it will grow. I think you guys are the best community out there period and want to grow it. I’m going to use some of the extra money from paying the car off to reinvest in the site by doing of advertising of my own. I won’t spoil anything yet but I’m going to be working with some great people. This year I plan to have my September Preparedness Month of Giveaways again. Which means I will review and give away something everyday all month long. If you have anything you want me to review drop me a line. A little after that I plan to roll out the much anticipated membership program I’m tentatively calling The Survivalpunk Army in honor of Rock icons Kiss. Still working out the details on that though.


I have some great things coming up for you guy I hope your as excited as me! Let me know in  the comments what you want to see in the future!


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12 thoughts to “Survivalpunk Punk Update”

  1. There is a ton of land for sale down here….all unrestricted. BUT – it is very expensive. General rule of thumb – land for sale never equals internet availability.

  2. I figured as much. The government are very well versed and have a great conservative nature about them. Most folks here live on the land they own, and know what to do to “keep it theirs”!

  3. I am writing a blog on building a farmhouse table. Later I will be writing one on a treehouse build on my property. I will send you links when I get them done.

  4. Glad to see you back writing on the blog. Missed your paleo recipes and gear reviews.
    Look forward to you sharing more on your land search and tiny home goals, as those things are goals of mine as well. With a tiny home and frugal energy rationing, you can probably manage with an off grid solar system and skip the electric hookup, at least that is what i’m aiming at. Also humanure composting toilets instead of septic systems.

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