Staying Paleo On Vacation


This week I’ll be on vacation for the Rivercane Rendezvous which is a primitive skills gathering in Georgia. But I’m working hard to make sure I still have an article everyday while I’m gone. While on vacation I also want to stick to my paleo diet. So I’m going to be making and dehydrating some meals for the week. I’ll show you what I’ll be taking and how to make them.

The basic menu is going to be super simple. I’m not looking for complicated and gourmet on a camping trip. The menu is going to be a mix of taco meat and salsa and spaghetti meat with sauce both with dehydrated veggies. For breakfasts I’ll be taking a dozen eggs, cans of chicken with spinach to replicate my normal breakfast. I’ll also be talking a few snacks along that I will cover.

Meals to dehydrate


I found rolls of hamburger meat on sale for $2.30 a pound Since breakfast and dinner are provided I only need to prove lunches. So a half pound of meat and salsa/ spaghetti sauce and dehydrated veggies per day should get me by. For easy prep I just dehydrate whole bags of frozen vegetables. I’m going to go with broccoli and spinach for this trip. I’m going to dehydrate the meat separate from the veggies and combine after fully dry. The broccoli and spinach will dry much faster than the meat. Once both are dry I will package them and vacuum seal them. Making the meals around  $3 a serving.

Here are all my meals vacuum packed and ready to go.The veggies dehydrate to almost nothing. the entire package is lightweight and compact. Using regular vacuum sealer bags though I would not recommend it longer than a week or so for UV light damage. For making longer term storage meals I would go with Mylar bags.



These are the snacks I will be eating. The snack size summer sausages are amazing. Some of this I just wanted to try on vacation seemed like a good time.

I still plan on having cheat day while on vacation and only on the day break diet. I’m not going to bring anything with  me though. I don’t like to keep cheatday food around. If it’s there it’s going to temp you. Instead I choose that day to eat out or buy the junk for the day throughout the day. Anything left over gets tossed out.

This is my accessories pouch. I have some coffee to make it through the week, Salt/ Steak seasoning, Hot chocolate for cheat day and some olive oil for cooking. If I still had some true Lime that would make a great addition as well.

There is no reason to break your chosen way of eating while on vacation. All it takes is a little forethought, planning and preparation. I have planed out everything I’m going to eat the whole week. I even have some ideas for my cheat day That I will prepare very last minute. Also by doing this I’m going to be saving a ton of money. Stop buying expensive mountain house meals and make your own.




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