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I was saddened to hear news yesterday of the passing of Firearms instructor Paul Gomez. Paul was born August 19th 1971 in Baton Rouge. LA. Paul was a solider for thirteen years and a police officer in Baton Rogue for three. Paul has been teaching students like myself for seventeen years. I unfortunately only had the opportunity to met him once.

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After the Patriot Nurse class she put me in touch with Paul. After exchanging several emails we got a class organized for him to teach his traumatic injuries class.  It was a real pleasure to work with him on setting up the class.

I had always meant to write a review of the class. It would have been a great review to compliment a great class. The sheer amount of knowledge Paul had on dealing with traumatic injuries was staggering. He had an amazing way of covering the dense material and medical jargon with personal stories and a great sense of humor. At the time the class ended I had been awake over 24 hours straight. I had no thoughts about missing the class. I was so engrossed in the lecture all drowsiness was pushed aside.

After the class was over I spoke with Paul briefly about setting up a handgun class for the future. Which sadly will not be taking place. I wish I had been able to know Paul better he was a truly amazing man. He will be missed and there is now a hole in the tactical training world that can never be replaced.  If you have not checked them out his Youtube channel has a ton of great videos. Go subscribe to the legacy of training he left behind.

I heard from friends that knew Paul much better that he was a huge fan of Shock Top beer. Tonight I’ll be drinking in his honor. R.I.P Paul Gomez though you are gone you leave a legacy in everyone you ever met and trained.




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