Paleo Nachos

Paleo Nachos Recipe


Paleo Nachos
Paleo Nachos


I saw a recipe in a magazine at work that was for “Healthy” nachos. It was full of low fat this and that. It did have a unique twist. Instead of using tortilla chips it used bell peppers. I thought that  was genius. I decided to make some fully paleo ones. If you don’t have any issues with dairy these would be great with cheese. I’ve been eating a lof of Old Croc grass fed cheese. Much like real nachos add what you want to these. So how do you make paleo nachos and how do they taste? Join me in my much better lit kitchen.


Ingredients Paleo Nachos



  • Bell Peppers.
  • Cilantro.
  • Seasoned Meat.
  • Guacamole.
  • Salsa
Bell Peppers Paleo Nachos
Bell Peppers

Only five ingredients? Yup I wanted to make a simple recipe. No need to go complicated on this. Taking the pictures took longer than making this. Like the much better pictures today? I had help from a friend. She gave me some pointers on taking food pictures. Thanks Jaime.

Paleo Nacho Meat
Nacho Meat

For the meat I had some leftover steak from breakfast. I reheated it in the skillet with coconut oil. I had been seasoned only with salt and pepper. I added garlic, onion and cumin. You can use whatever meat you have. This is a great way to use leftovers. I refer beef with the Mexican flavors over other meats. Place the meat in the scoop part of the pepper. Top it with guacamole and salsa. Finish is off by garnishing with cilantro.


Paleo Nachos
Paleo Nachos

Paleo Nachos

Like my friend Heather says these are not nachos. They are paleo nachos though. I named them that. They are also amazing. I devoured them and had to force myself to share them. Not that I’m a culinary savant. I have made some things before that went straight to the trash. Not even fit for my cat. Literally I tried he would have nothing to do with it. This time was a homerun. Why? It’s all simple ingredients that work well together. The bell peppers worked great as faux tortillas. The scoops are great for dipping. It is also light and refreshing. Very good on this hot humid Tennessee weather. I have to say some cheese and sour cream would push this over the top. Enjoy!




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