Oklahoma Tornado 2013 Charity Drive

On Monday May 20th 2013 a rare EF5 tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma. The peak winds were estimates at 210 miles per hour. Twenty four people were killed and over 377 injured during it’s 39 minutes on the ground. A 17 mile long path of destruction was cleaved through the town. I feel for those that were lost during the storm and the many that was now homeless. Even being a prepper there is little you can do against a tornado. If your house is completely destroyed there is only so much so can do. What can be done is to help out your fellow humans though. I’m sure the Red Cross is running a charity drive however I wouldn’t waste my money with them. I found one Charity Drive I completely trust and endorse. I’ve already donated to them and will try to give you reasons why you should as well.

May 21 Tornado Flyover

Moore Tornado
Moore Tornado

Enter Zombie Squad

For those that don’t know Zombie Squad is one of the Internets best survival/preparedness forums. In fact it was on those very boards where I discovered my passion for Survivalisim. In addition to being full of great information and humor, they are a non-profit organization. They have done great work raising money for various charities in the past. They find groups to partner with that they feel will do the most with the money raised. What’s even better they cover the administration costs associated with running these events themselves. So every penny you give goes straight to the charity that needs it.

Massive Tornado Causes Large Swath Of Destruction In Suburban Moore, Oklahoma

The Charity

The charity in this case is the Regional Food Bank Of Oklahoma. The Bank has been in operation for over thirty years helping out the hungry in the region. With so many homeless right now, stores destroyed having something to eat takes a huge burden off a person. As a person that has known the fear of not knowing when the next meal will be coming I can attest to relief that comes from a guaranteed meal. With that burden removed those affected will be able to focus on the other pressing matters that need to be dealt with. I can not imagine how a father would feel knowing his children have food to eat during this disaster. For that I chose to give what I could. I endorse the ZS Drive completely, If you find a better one give to them but please give something.



Zombie Squad likes to encourage people to donate with free things, covered by them. In the case of these charity drives they mail out dog tags as a thank you for giving. You simply need to give at least $20. A small price to pay to help out your fellow man. You can skip one trip to your favorite Mexican place to make sure a family can eat at all. Give some money and wear your charity dog tag in pride.

Have you given to victims of the Tornado Yet? Who did you chose to give to? Let me know in the comments!

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