Oklahoma Tornado 2013 Charity Drive

On Monday May 20th 2013 a rare EF5 tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma. The peak winds were estimates at 210 miles per hour. Twenty four people were killed and over 377 injured during it’s 39 minutes on the ground. A 17 mile long path of destruction was cleaved through the town. I feel for those that were lost during the storm and the many that was now homeless. Even being a prepper there is little you can do against a tornado. If your house is completely destroyed there is only so much so can do. What can be done is to help out your fellow humans though. I’m sure the Red Cross is running a charity drive however I wouldn’t waste my money with them. I found one Charity Drive I completely trust and endorse. I’ve already donated to them and will try to give you reasons why you should as well.

May 21 Tornado Flyover

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