Mini power outage and why not to procrastinate

The other night I was at home with a friend watching some tv. All of a sudden the power all went off. While it wasn’t off long I had a chance to use some preps and kick myself for not having others already. Let me share my experience with you today.
Me and my friend were sitting there watching something on food network when the power cut off. I didn’t even hesitate I got up and grabbed the closest flashlight. I used that light to go light my oil lamp and then passed out a flashlight. I put on shoes and went into the hallway to see all my neighbors coming out. That let me know it was at least apartment building wide. It turned out someone down the street had hit a telephone pole.

The power was not off very long but I still had time to learn what worked and what I need to improve on. When the lights went off I carefully walked through the apartment in the dark for a flashlight. Sadly I realized there was one on my end table I could have just grabbed. So I plan on  getting more flashlight, cheap ones, and putting them everywhere. I might get some stick on tap lights for the walls. I have one store bought oil lamp and will probably add one more at least. 

The bigger issue was my procrastination. I have the money set aside to build a battery backup system. I have been putting it off for at least two weeks. The mini power outage would have been a good test of it. I was kicking myself the whole time. I’ve decided my next day off I will be building my system and documenting the process. This will be the last power outage I go through without backup power.

Have you been through a power outage recently? Were you ready? Let me know in the comments!



7 thoughts to “Mini power outage and why not to procrastinate”

  1. Yes! We had a power outage at the Air Force base. This is extra scary for me because I am scared of the dark, and paranoid that my tiny little base will for some reason be attacked…

    Anyway, I have a flashlight ap on my phone, and my phone is normally in my hand. This night I packed up the family and went out for dinner. Luckily it was back on when we got home. My basic game plan for no electricity is to leave the area, go to sleep, or, in the event of a long term outage- break out the gas grill, use my car charger, and read a book.

  2. We have not had an outage for a while (knock on wood) but live in the country and until a couple years ago, every time the wind blew hard, the power would go out. I have a flashlight by the bed, five oil lamps and multiple other flashlights including one that plugs into the wall and has a light that goes on if the power is disrupted. I usually have a candle and lighter on the table easily accessable, and when the wind blows or other signs of possible power disruption happen, I light a candle. Also have five gallon jugs of water stashed in the pantry since the pump on the well is run by electricity. In case it lasts too long, have a large generator and a small generator, kerosene heater, propane heaters and cookstoves, and a couple of stoves in a can in case my baby granddaughter needs her bottle.

  3. I found some little cheap glow in the dark stickers for my flashlights. I also hang my Paqlite Tooblite on the wall in my room over my maglite so when the lights go out I have that there for a reference. Makes finding the flashlights a little easier. I do need to get some oil lamps though, my lantern bit the dust on the last camping trip.

  4. We learned a lesson a while back when the powere went out for 2 days. Since then I put together a book of instructions for different “situations”.
    For a power outage we have back up lights that plug into an out let and come on when the power goes off. Then I bought a generator that I run once every week and keep a back up 2 gln. gas can. Ten I have a box of lighting (chem stcks, flashlights, solor and crank lights with extra batts.). I know what I can run with the gen. and for how long. We have tile flooring so we keep cool in the summer.
    I’m sure I’ve missed something. I’ll find out next power outage.

  5. I just purchased one of these recently for longer power outages. I don’t work for them… I just know that it’s a great product and I am thrilled to have it! I feel much more prepared with this than just my flashlights and candles. This can recharge batteries, recharge cell phones and computers, run a TV, etc… and be recharged itself via solar panel.

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