How To Fight The Government

How To Fight The Government

How To Fight The Government. Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you come up with fantasy answers? Fighting the Government Red Dawn style with your main battle rifle. How about infiltrating them to fight from within?

Most of us pick and choose our battles. Mostly doing whats right, quietly, and daring them to say anything. Battles are being fought all over the country. Some being won by the resistance. Some won by big brother.

Is there a better way how to fight the government? Let’s explore a thought I’ve had recently.

How To Fight The Government
How To Fight The Government

How To Fight The Government

Want to learn how to fight the government? No this is not a recruiting center for Cobra command. I will not tell you how to become a terrorist. Which I’m sure just got me on another watch list. No we will fight without violence. It is not the time for that. We can hopefully avoid that future. So how to fight the government without violence? Step on the gas pedal.

Speed Up The Collapse

Democrats are driving us straight off a cliff and that the Republicans are driving towards that cliff slower. I’ve heard that argument thrown around. The idea is that the Democrats spend money more recklessly than the Republicans. I don’t see much of a difference myself.

The cliff is the country going completely broke from bad fiscal policies. It is very real. There is only so much money they can steal and print. At some point there’s nothing to steal. The USA Bus flies off the cliff and explodes. The collapse that many of us prepare for. That will happen someday. Eventually. How to fight the government is to speed that up. Just like ripping off a band-aid. Get it over and begin the healing. How do we speed it up though?

Take Every Penny You Can

If spending too much money is going to cause the collapse then we have to force them to spend more. Yes I know you probably cringed at that. I did. Making them spend more means they must steal more. Hurting those being robbed from.

How do we get them to spend more? This is the uncomfortable solution I have come up with. We need everyone that can to get any scrap of government money they can. Food stamps, wic, Regan..I mean Obama phone. Whatever. Pay less taxes and get anything you can from them. The argument that these programs are going to bankrupt the country is true. Though very slowly. A massive spike of money being rightly stolen back might be enough to crash the bus.

That is How to fight the government. Beat it at its own game. If you take my advice I applaud you! I have thought long and hard about it myself. Food stamps to supplement my expensive paleo lifestyle. Sounds great. Well except the sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it. Maybe I have too much pride. I have never received food stamps, unemployment or any other form of assistance. Not when I was homeless. No ever. I know that it makes sense. Both as an act of rebellion and for personal gain. I just can’t. If I have inspired you to take up arms in speeding up the collapse God Speed.


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2 thoughts to “How To Fight The Government”

  1. @DaveC:

    Precisely what I was thinking.

    Furthermore, how will we be able to trust that the newly-installed system post-crash will benefit any of “us”? There would have to be someone with strings placed in a position to control or guide things. Plus I hate to put myself back onto the grid by collecting Gov’t benefits.

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