Hennessy Expedition A-sym Zip Review

Today I’m going to review the Hennessy Hammock that I lived in while on vacation. I bought the Hennessy Expedition A-sym Zip. The packed weight if it is 2 pounds 13 oz. Has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Includes an attached bug net and rainfly. It also comes with a set of tree huggers.


For anyone looking to get into Hammock camping Hennessy is the way to go. It is a complete shelter option. I actually bought it because I was looking to a tarp for another hammock I own and for about $50 more I could get a superior hammock with a bug net and rainfly.

I had been lusting after the Hennessy line of hammocks for at least a few years now. Being the cheap ass I am though I wasn’t ready to drop the cash for them. After spending a week in one thought I could not be happier with the purchase. Months ago I got a cheap hammock and was sold on hammock camping. Not waking up with a stiff back and sore from sleeping on the ground is the greatest feeling ever. With the cheap hammock you need to sleep at an angle and even then you don’t lay completely flat. The first thing I noticed in the Hennessy was you lay completely flat.  The patented Asymmetrical design allows even sleeping on your side.

I didn’t plan on it being cold so I didn’t bring a sleeping pad and just brought a military modular sleep system. Which managed to keep me mostly warm except on spot on my upper back. The second night I fixed this issue by laying down a wool blanket. I easily had the most comfortable nights outdoors sleeping in the Hennessy.

The hammock makes an excellent chair during the day time to enjoy lunch in or relax and read a book. During night-time with a headlight tied to the ridgeline I was able to do some light reading before sleeping.

The only real downside I’ve noticed with the hammock was the suspension system. It comes with two ropes attached to the hammock and two tree huggers. Maybe if you were good at knot tying this would be good but I want something much simpler and easy to set up and get good tension even when tired and dark. I’m leaning to whoopie slings in the future for quick set up.

On to the pros and cons.


  • Lays flat. This really is a huge factor in being comfortable in a hammock.
  • Spacious. There is lots of room to toss and turn and move around.
  • During the day it makes a great seat to relax in.
  • The ridgeline is great to hang things on.


  • Set up is tedious. The suspension system that it comes with while simply and light is going to have to be replaced.

So in conclusion if you are looking to get off the ground and start hammock camping or want to upgrade to something better I highly suggest the Hennessy Expedition A-sym Zip. I do not plan on going back to ground camping for a long time if ever the comfort of hammock camping is just too much. So get a hammock and get out in the woods and enjoy!







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  1. For your suspension issue, I found that using a couple of large climbing carabiners made things easier.
    You may want to use three (3), run two of them through the tree hugger strap loops, and join those ones with the third one.

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