Giving Us All A Bad Name

Giving Us All A Bad Name

I’ve met some wonderful people in the survival world since I started Survivalpunk. Loving, caring and giving people. Some of my best friends are part of this community. I wish all the people I come across could be as wonderful. They are not though. Sometime you come across some real pieces. They are bigots and idiots. They blame this group or that one for all the problems. They buy into the party lie. They don’t seek solutions only point fingers. I came across one recently and quickly had to get rid of them.  These people only give us all a bad name. They contribute to the image many have of the survival community. We not crazy gun toting racist fear mongers. Guns we have but our hearts and minds are clear. Let the rant commence.


Giving Us All A Bad Name
Giving Us All A Bad Name

If Only You Had Voted This Way

If you think that the world would be a better place had Mitt Romney won you are wrong. It would be the same. Some of the minor detail might be different. We would still be seeing growth of an ever more tyrannical government. We would still have Obama Care. Which is based on Romney care. Russia would still be provoking a third world war. ISIS would still be causing trouble. We would still be in massive debt. Calling people idiots because they voted this way or that not helping. YOU are playing right into the government’s class warfare.  You are not enlightening them. They now will fight you harder than ever.



Giving Us All A Bad Name

Making idiotic uninformed statements makes us all look bad. You are giving us all a bad name when you say bigot and racist remarks. I judge people by their actions. Their character. Not on stereotypes and prejudices. Saying your purging your facebook of liberals  is narrow minded. I disagree with you on a few things so I don’t want anything to do with you. Whining and crying cause are different from you. Grow the fuck up. One day going through the Survivapunk twitter feed I noticed a follower was posting about white supremacy and the Aryan race. That got them blocked. That is not a little different. Thais into crazy land. We don’t need them in this community. We are going to need strong communities in a collapse not hatred. The government can keep it’s class warfare. I give my friendship freely. Prove through your actions you don’t deserve it and lose it. I don’t care what political party you belong to or don’t. Either you are good or not.


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6 thoughts to “Giving Us All A Bad Name”

  1. Indeed Grasshopper…… You have become enlightened.
    Some years ago, I stopped following the party line (and lies). I figured out early on that both our political parties are just two wings on the same bird (of prey).
    I also figured out that the solution has gone beyond the ballot box. We now need to ‘Take care of ourselves’. This is why I immersed myself in the prepper lifestyle. No one will take car of me, nor do I want them too. I have a multitude of practical barter-able skills. Myself and those close to me will survive a societal collapse or worse…
    Lear to take care of yourself
    Be a survivor

  2. I could have written this myself! It so agrees with what I’m seeing except for a couple of things. It’s not just about ‘the government’ because THAT is still the people. It’s the bureaucracy within our government, it’s all those regs which were not created in Congress but via some office worker.
    It’s also the control BIG Corporations have over America and for sure Capitol Hill. Here locally, I’m watching as the BIG chemical companies are working hard to get rid of legislation created by referendum of the people (the government), made into law by the state legislature and being struck down by a federal judge. The farmers can’t afford to fight the BIG Corps. So remember as you rant, it’s we, the people who are the government. It’s the bureacrats who are playing revolving door with corporations which causing so much discord, cuz they are confused which party wants what and who has been bought already. 😉

  3. To the people who think there is still two political parties, look at where there money comes from. You will find that the same corporations, via lobbyists, fund both sides in a political race. That way no matter who wins, they get what they want.

  4. If people put half the energy into building their skills that they do into masturbating their egos the ‘Prepper Community’ would be one formidable collection of badasses. Who has time for that negative crap? Great post, James!

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