Making Tea

Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel Cups

Today I’m going to talk about a great new product I’ve been testing.  It’s the Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel Cups sent to me by the great folks at Solo Stove.  They were on Facebook one day asking for volunteers to be gear testers. Never one to turn down a chance to test out gear I signed up and these were the first item to come. I have to say I was wishing for a stove but these cups are pretty awesome.


Fox Outfitters Cups
Fox Outfitters Cups

Product Detail

  • 16oz Stainless Steel Cups are made from premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel that is free of toxins and BPA
  • Extremely durable, won’t break, recyclable and dishwasher safe.
  • 100% toxin free means no harmful paints or plastics that impart unwanted flavors into your drink.
  • Come in sets of five
  • Perfectly rolled edge
  • Weight 4.5 ounces


Making Tea
Making Tea

The Good

These cups have a lot going on for them.  I really like that they come in packs of five.  Being that they are made of stainless steel they are both very strong and heat resistant. The first thing I thought about when I got them in was using them to boil water in. The first test I did was to put one of the cups on my pocket rocket stove and boil water in it for tea. The bottom of the cup was just big enough to fit on the stove. Even without a lid water boiled very fast in it. The cup was very hot but cooled down fast for drinking out of. I like my nalgene bottles but there’s no putting them on a stove to make coffee. I also really enjoy the taste from these it’s a very crisp clean taste. I have been on a quest to eliminate as much plastic from my life as possible and these will help out.


Fox Outfitters Cup
Fox Outfitters Cup

The Bad

These cups had a few things I didn’t care for. They are too heavy, at 4.5 oz, to really take backpacking. Car camping would be OK but not anything more.  Also I really wish they had a lid. I may end up making one for them for boiling water and transporting water without spilling it.



For both car camping and use in home I really like these cups. No more worrying about dropping and breaking the Guinness pint glasses or drinking from plastic cups. I may even try to do some camp cooking in them. If your looking for a new drinking cup check them out.

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