FourSevens Quark Turbo

FourSevens Quark Turbo Burst Review

I’m super excited to bring you today’s review. I was recently contacted by Flash light maker FourSevens to review a new model of they’re Quark light. I’ve been a big fan of the FourSevens lights since I first saw the lights on the NutnFancy YouTube channel.  I have been meaning to pick up a mini quark for edc.  Now that I finally have my hands on one I’m further impressed by the quality. Let’s get down to business on this amazing light.


FourSevens Quark Turbo
FourSevens Quark Turbo

Quark Turbo

The model I’m testing features FourSevens new Burst Mode technology. This means that when set to the max setting this flashlight will give you an increased brightness for the first 60 seconds and will then ramp down over the next 30 seconds to 50% of that output. This reduction protects the led from overheating while also extending the life of the battery to give you longer runtime. The specs on the light are as follows.

  • 870 Lumens max output in burst mode with a run time of 1.4 hours

  • 1 lumen low for 600 hours

  • Run Off 2 CR123A batteries

  • 292 Meter distance

  • Weighs 4.7 oz

  • Length 5.2 in

That right the max output on this light is 870 lumens! The light equivalent of 870 candles blasting out of this tiny light. When It comes to lights I always geek out on max lumens. That’s the feature I like most and I like it more when it comes from a tiny light. It seemed for years that flashlight technology was stagnant. The giant hulking Maglight’s were the standard. They were heavy, not very bright and battery hungry. Big companies like Maglight an Surefire have become complacent with overpricing and outdated technology. While they are being lazy Foursevens is innovating.


Light Throw
Light Throw


I carried this light around for a few weeks now and have fallen in love with it. Those 870 Lumens came in handy. They will light up my entire apartment enough to move around. I went outside at night and was testing the throw. It really shined outside (pun intended). It was like a huge spotlight in my hand. I shot it down the street, up in the trees and remained bright for so far. I normally buy cheaper lights and they may have plenty of lumens they lack throw.
The quality of the light coming out is so much better than cheap lights. It’s clean and clear, not funky artifacts.


Light and Pouch
Light and Pouch


The Quark has seven modes you can program it for. You can have two programed settings at a time. With the head tight you have one mode and the head loosened you have the other one. You can only get to all the modes when you are in the programing mode. This is to prevent you from accidentally activating the wrong setting. This is aimed at those in a tactical situation. Obviously turning on your light on moonlight mode (.5 lumens) when trying to stun someone would be a bad idea. In every other situation thought it is just frustrating. Many times I just want to cycle through the modes quickly. Instead I decided to program with high strobe as my primary cap tight mode and Max lumens as my secondary cap loose. If I had a third setting I would have a low mode for books or something to preserve night vision.




FourSevens sends lots of goodies wit their lights. It came with a lanyard, rubber handle, extra o rings, batteries and a carrying pouch. I only used to pouch I don’t like lanyards on my lights. The design of the light with it’s huge head and slim body makes for a loose fit in the pouch. I originally ran it head up, which I don’t like for the exposed lens, because squeezing the head into the bottom of the pouch was hard. Either way you run it there is a lot of wiggle in it. Since the light has a pocket clip I tried that as well and did not like it at all. However it you put it into the pouch and use the clip to attach to the pouch flap it stays pretty stable. The quality of the pouch it very high and is well designed to protect the lens without scratching it.



I can not recommend this light high enough,especially if you are using it in a tactical environment.The only thing I would change is to add the ability to cycle through the modes easier. That’s a personal preference though and you might like having two modes you can count on and get to reliably every time. If you are looking for a new light and want it to be amazingly bright then check out the FourSevens Quark Turbo with burst mode!

Whats your go to light? Do you edc a light or not? When has having a light saved your butt? Let me know in the comments!

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One thought to “FourSevens Quark Turbo Burst Review”

  1. Excellent. I’ve had the Quark mini (single CR123A) for a couple years. I haven’t bothered with the programming, and full blast, strobe and occassionally moonlight are what I’d need 99% of the time. The mini is fine for pocket carry, but is too small to clip on a belt, and too thick to slip in a shirt pocket.

    There’s a lot of cool EDC gear, but if I can’t fit it discretely in my business casual attire I may not always have it with me. This might be a good nightstand or glovebox light for me.

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