Fat Fast Cookbook: 50 Easy Recipes to Jump Start Your Low Carb Weight Loss Review

I found this ebook while doing some research on how to increase my fat intake while lowering my protein. I had been eating too much protein and it was staling out my eight loss. I knew I needed to up the fat but was stumped on how to do that without equally increasing the protein. I didn’t find much in my searching until I came across this book. The Fat Fast Cook book comes packed with recipes that meet those requirements. After checking out the sample pages available on Amazon I decided to pick it up and have not been let down by it.





About The Book

The author Dana Carpender is apparently big in the low carb community and has written many best selling books. She has a weekly at Hold the Toast  and is  also Managing Editor of CarbSmart Magazine. With all that she knows her stuff when it comes to low carb dieting. The recipes in the book are very creative and the ones I’ve tried are all delicious. Besides the recipes the book contains a lot of good information on Fat and utilizing a fat fast to lose weight and break weight loss stalls.



What Is a Fat Fast

So What is a Fat Fast and Why should you consider doing one? In The Atkins book he talks about a technique to use when your stuck on a plateau. The basis is to eat only 1,000 calories a day of 85~90 percent fat. This is usually broke up into five 200 calorie feedings.  It is also only recommended to do this for more than one week.  I’ve played around with this in the past with great results.




Using it

I am not, at this time, doing a fat fast. I was looking for a few dishes to up my total fat intake without adding protein. I came across a super easy one that is amazing. It is mostly made up of coconut oil, butter, chicken bullion and curry. It takes only a few minutes to make and is rich and comforting. I’ve been eating it pretty much everyday since finding it. The macro nutrient breakdown is almost 90% from fat. This soup is incredible satiating today I made a two serving batch and ate that most the day. I have already made a modified version that includes bacon.


Go grab this book if you have having weight loss stalls and need a way to beat them!


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