DB From Florida Hillbilly

Episode #29 DB From Florida Hillbilly

DB From Florida Hillbilly
DB From Florida Hillbilly



One of the earliest blog buddies I made was DB from Florida Hillbilly. Years ago when I was doing the Paracord Sandal I looked around to see if anyone else had done one. At the time the only other hit was on Florida Hillbilly’s DIY sandal post. He just used paracord as the thong on the sandal. Mine was all paracord. I left a msg saying I was working on one too. Being the great guy he is he said to drop a link to it. I’ve always been hesitant on randomly putting links to my site in comments. From that day we have been emailing back and forth. He even has an knack of wining many of my contests. I’ve seen his address so much I should drop by for a visit. DB grew up in West Virginia being a hillbilly. Hunting, fishing were a part of life for him. Looking for work he moved to Florida and has been stuck since.


Florida Hillbilly


Florida Hillbilly focuses on homesteading and outdoor life. DB is also on the paleo path and writes about that often. Check out his paleo chocolate mouse. You wont be disappointed. I meant to really dig into rabbits in this podcast but it didn’t happen. It’s harder to wrangle in DB from Florida Hillbilly than Paul Wheaton. The podcast was fun though so I let it run. Expect to have DB back on in the future to really talk about rabbits and quails.





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3 thoughts to “Episode #29 DB From Florida Hillbilly”

  1. Mother in law od DB. Loved listening to this. DB inspires me all the time. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes last year I was toying with going on paleo for wt loss but do not love meat as much as DB does but did it and went from 299 BS to 140 in a couple of weeks. I wish there were more jobs for them in WV, it is a wondersul place.

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