EDC Zipper Fix

Just a quick post today guys. I came across this tip a few weeks ago and it has already saved me. It’s a quick and easy way to fix a zipper that wont stay up. You only need two items that you can find anywhere. A paperclip and a key ring! Let me show you why you should add these two items to your every day carry.

    Every has that favorite pair of jeans where the zipper no longer stays up anymore. You walk around and constantly have to keep tugging it up to keep your privates private indeed. I came across this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty genius. All you have to do it take a paperclip and hook it on a key ring slightly larger than the button your trying to attach it to.

Next hook the paperclip on the zipper. Pull the zipper up and loop the key ring on the unbuttoned pants. Then button up as usual. That’s it. I had a opportunity to test it this past week. It worked perfectly. Never came undone kept the zipper up and me concealed. It’s such a small, light combo I will not ever go out without these two things. I’m going to add them to my wallet to make sure I always have them.

If you have a favorite old pair of jeans that fit perfectly but the zipper has gone lazy go grab a key ring and paperclip and never worry again if your zipped up or not.



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