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I had an idea to make edc simple and streamlined but subtle. I didn’t want to be sporting around a Batman utility belt. I also didn’t want to got the fanny pouch route. I know Nutnfancy wears one and says to get over it. Well I’m not getting over it and I think I found a better solution that will not make you stand out as a weirdo or tourist. My solution give you the ability to carry a few extra items that you need everyday.I’m still working out the kinks and on the items that work best but I’ll go ahead and share what I have so far.
EDC Camera Case
EDC Camera Case

Enter the EDC Solution

I began looking for a small belt mounted pouch to hold small everyday use items. First of all I am not looking to build a wilderness not apocalypse, this is for items I need daily in my normal day to day life but don’t have pocket room for. Also I wanted this thing to not draw attention. I have a maxpedidtion style manpurse and never carry it. It’s tacticool and draws attention. Fanny packs draw attention and are generally not socially acceptable. Medieval style capes may be excellent for keeping warm but will draw stares. My solution was a camera case. It’s small enough to conceal with my shirt, will fit horizontally on my belt, in a back pocket or anywhere with the carabiner it came with. The philosophy was that with all your EDC stuff in one pouch you will be more willing to carry it, making it an actual Every Day Carry.
EDC Items
EDC Items

The Items


I’m still working on what goes in and what works well. The initial items in there are as follows:
A Kershaw Skyline, An O Light S10, Ducktape, A backup phone charger with USB cable, A pen and a lighter. I’m thinking a small multi tool would be a good addition. I have a little room left in the case and an unused pocket on the front. I plan on adding some cash and change to the front pocket. That should about fill up the case as big as I would want it to be. As it is now it is still small enough to conceal and toss in a back pocket, which I feel gives this it’s versatility. I may change things out and swap in new things as I see what works and what doesn’t.

Gotta Carry TO Be EDC

Lot’s of guys have great well thought out EDC’s but forget to carry them constantly. The purpose of EDC is the Every Day part. Needing something and realizing you forgot to bring it that day sucks. I’ve repacked bags and forgot to carry them and needed them. It always sucks and makes you better at not forgetting to carry something. With this system it becomes easier, you only need to remember one thing. The easier you can make things the better chance you have of remembering it.
What do you think of the EDC camera case? Do you always remember to bring your EDC gear? What do you EDC? Let me known in the comments!

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5 thoughts to “EDC Made Easy”

  1. Well done! I actually use a small camera case just like this for my EDC first aid kit which contains a small trauma kit (2 pair gloves, a 3″ roll gauze, a 5×9 Surgipad and a Tourni-Kwik tourniquet–all tightly compressed in a vacuum sealed bag), a few bandaids of various sizes, some tylenol & motrin and 2 pks of antibiotic ointment.

  2. I like your idea very much, since a survival tin seems too small. My maxpedidtion resides in my car’s glove box and is designed for SHTF use. My car is generally with me. In addition to a camera case, a glasses case would work well with its hard sides and innocent look. Great idea. Off to design one. Thanks.

  3. Great Idea! I really like the olight s10 but the i3s may save a little space. It might also be nice to have a photon micro light attached to the zipper with a quick release for quick light in a pinch. Check out more EDC flashlights here.

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