Reader Q&A for 2/6/2013

I finally got enough questions in to do another Q&A post. If you would like your question to be answered on the blog just send me an email to Since mail volume is still slow you are nearly guaranteed to have your question answered. This week most the questions came in from Facebook, which is also ok if you prefer that way. I have a good selection of question for you this week on wide selection of topics. So lets get down to it!

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Dream House

Readers Questions 1/15/2013

Time for my second Q&A post. I had a hard time getting enough questions in this week. Well it actually took two weeks to get enough with most coming in at the last minute. Thanks to all the readers that asked a question this week. Remember if you want your question answered on the blog get it sent in to me At this time I’m not getting many questions so your chance of getting you question answered is very high. This week I have some great ones to answer so lets get down to it.

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Gun Nut

Questions From Readers 12/31/2012

We all love questions and answers. Well I do at least. Over the past few weeks I’ve asked fans on Facebook to email me any questions they had to This is a topic I would like to cover on a weekly basis If I can get enough emails. So don’t be scared to email me your questions and get your question answered on the blog. This week I have some really good ones so lets get down to it.

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