Bradshaw Blades

Bradshaw Blades Giveaway

Back in September when I was running the big contest one of my  winners was  Casey Bradshaw of Bradshaw Blades.  He wrote me and told me about his knives and asked If I wanted to give one away/ test it. My answer is always Yes to playing with gear and giving it away. I have been busy beating on his knife and am finally ready to give my thoughts on the quality and give it away.

Bradshaw Blades
Bradshaw Blades

This knife showed up looking like a piece of art. Gorgeous sleek lines, razor edge and felt good in the hand. I spent a week just playing with it. Besides being gorgeous it was very utilitarian. as such I threw my normal round of tests with it.

Cooking with Bradshaw
Cooking with Bradshaw

In the Kitchen

I used it with food prep and eating. Being 5/32 thick and about 2′ long means you wont be choping up carrots like a chef but for peeling/ skining it does great. I prepared a meal, peeled and chopped the veggies, diced some bacon, with only this knife without feeling hampered. Then I used it when eatting a chicken breast to slice it up. While I have better, purpose built, tools for the job if I needed to rely on it in the field I know I could depend on this knife.

In the field

Now that we’ve tackled the kitchen it’s time to hit the woods. I’m a two knife guy. I like to combine a chopper/ batoning knife with a smaller more precise one. For the smaller blade I’ve used Mora’s and The Habilis Trade Knife. With the Trade knife the current knife. I usually aim for about a 4′ secondary blade. During the testing I used the Bradshaw Blade and was pleased with it. The knife came very sharp and stayed that way for a good amount of time. I used it to shave wood and make pegs. Cut notches and even do some batoning. Yes I batoned with a 2′ blade. I processed some smaller pieces of kindling with it and on those pieces it did great. Though impractical, I’d rather baton larger pieces of wood, I know it’s possible.

Bradshaw EDC
Bradshaw EDC


This stout little knife I believe would perform fairly good in self defense. You can get a good grip on it with a lot of control with no worries about sliding up on the blade. The blade tip is extremely sharp and will penetrate well. The only drawbacks I can see are lack of a blade guard and deployment. The kydex sheath is on the knife really good. You will now be flicking it off you will need two hands. Great though if you choose to wear as a neck knife though.

Gotta Play to Win!

Great knife you wanna win it right? I’ll run the usual rules here. Make sure your an email subscriber, here’s the link. Next leave a comment on this post and finally head over the the Bradshaw Blades page like and thank him. While your there check out all the awesome blades he has. That’s it I’ll run this contest until Saturday morning then I’ll comment in here the winner and you will need to email me your shipping address.

Today’s article brought to you by the great folks over at home to all your Bug out bag and tactical needs.




66 thoughts to “Bradshaw Blades Giveaway”

  1. Great review love the depth of the review and the coverage of different uses. I would love to get some Bradshaw Blades for my collection!

  2. Nice knife! Looks like the blade is made to be durable and practical. I have many knives, but all are folding lockbacks. I need one like this, whether i buy or win it. Thanks for the review!

  3. Looks a little stouter than my Kbar/Becker neck knife; a little more handle. Good looking knife. Glad it passed the cutting chicken on the dinner plate test… 🙂

  4. Oops, Got rid of my Facebook page a couple years ago, but still enjoyed the review. Since i couldnt leave a comment, i did look over his products pics. Good stuff! Thanks anyway!

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