Best Winter Bug Out Bags Guide | episode 132

Best Winter Bug Out Bags Guide | episode 132

Best Winter Bug Out Bags Guide | episode 132


Best Winter Bug Out Bags Guide | episode 132
Best Winter Bug Out Bags Guide | episode 132



This week I talk about changing out your bug out bag for winter. It was originally intended to be a winter and summer episode but I realized that would be a very long episode. 

Depending on where you live your BoB needs to be changed out seasonaly. My preence is Winter and Summer. You can coast through spring and fall. 



  • Bobs need to be two seasons in most locations 
  • The more extreme climates can skip this


  • Might need a bigger bag in winter 
  • Strap things to the outside/ molle / Alice/ expansion pouches 
  • You might be able to use a pulk.



Shelter needs to be made for your worst weather
Hammock or winter tent. 
4 season tent, stronger, heavier, closeable windows/vent, 
Hammocks can be used in extremely cold weather
under quilt and over quilt
closed cell foam for butt and toes
the sleeping bag cacoon trick
Bigger tarp and maybe one with doors
Tepee 4 wall canvas tents
the packable wood stove can be used in some
Closed cell foam works better to stop heat loss than inflatable sleeping mats

Fire And Heat

  • Wood processing system 
  • Big survival knife and big saw. swap out the folding ones for a sawvivor, buck saw 
  • In colder climates go for a camping ax 
  • Tent stoves 
  • Bics might not work in colder climates
  • alcohol stoves should be swapped out. 
  • Hobo stoves 
  • Gas stoves might work depending on temp 
  • Standing dead trees and branches are better than ground found  
  • The center of wood is dry 
  • Hot hands are cheap grab a few.  
  • Space blanket, not the cheap flimsy one the tarp one


  • Cotton should be removed except for your bandana 
  • Wool and synthetics are the way to go. 
  • Wool can be gotten cheap some synthetic as well
  • Get cold weather gloves. Maybe even the cold waterproof ones
  • Wool socks 
  • Cold weather boots. Waterproof ones.
  • Desert boots suck. they get wet and cold. 
  • Still looking for a better option. 
  • Open cell foam bootie/ moccasin for inside a shoe. 
  • Cayenne pepper in a shoe/ sock works
  • Sock liners, glove liners
  • Plastic bags can be used over socks in boots.
  • Sunglasses

Food And Water

  • Plastic Nalgene and nesting cup instead of metal Nalgene. 
  • You will want more calories in the winter
  • Hot foods are best
  • Bullion cubes


  • Blistex!!!
  • Medicated skin lotion. 
  • Make sure things that can freeze are bagged individually.
  • A space blanket is good




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2 thoughts to “Best Winter Bug Out Bags Guide | episode 132”

  1. Great episode. It’s definitely good advice to change out the BOB kit with the seasons, and having multiple bags is a clever way to do that. I think it can be tempting to just set the pack up and forget about it, but BOBs need regular maintenance (replacing things that have expired, checking to make sure everything still works, oiling–like you mentioned–and so on).

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