Antifa Are Fascists Not Anarchists

Antifa Are Fascists Not Anarchists | episode 146

Antifa Are Fascists Not Anarchists
Antifa Are Fascists Not Anarchists

Antifa Are Fascists Not Anarchists | episode 146




This week I rant about how the group Antifa are fascists themselves not Anarchists as they are being called. 

Being myself an anarchist politically I was pissed to find out these whiny statist babies are being referred to as Anarchists. 

Many don’t even understand what an anarchist is. To them, an anarchist is basically the same as a terrorist. This is simply not the truth. 

Anarchist feel that people should be free to govern themselves. To live without rulers. 

Antifa does not want a society without rulers. Only without ones that Republican. Antifa would not have a problem with Hilary Clinton or Obama in office for life. 

In this episode, I teach you what is Anarchy and why Antifa are fascists. 





a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Word etymology
mid 16th century: via medieval Latin from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler.’



often capitalized :  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

2:  a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial controlearly instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge



  • What is anarchy? And what is it not?
  • What exactly is Fascism?
  • How does Antifa match up with the 14 points of fascism? 
  • Statism



14 Points OfFascism 

The Fascist Left In America

Dan Greene

Anarchy Is Cool


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