Zombies as a Gateway Drug

Ok so today I have a fun article for you.  It’s about Zombies! Everyone loves zombies right? I going to show you how zombies can become a gateway to the prepping world.  How you can use cheesy movies as resource for becoming more self reliant and a better person in general. All this from bad movies you say? Yes! Let me show you the path I took to turn my love of zombies fiction into a responsible lifestyle.


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So growing up I’ve always had a passion for Zombie and Post apocalyptic fiction. Thinking about how mankind would rebuild the world after a disaster always fascinated me.  The what would you do during a Zombie Apocalypse thought game came up often with my friends. This one day brought me to google  “Apocalypse Survival kit”. It was not at all a serious query. I was looking for a stupid novelty item. Another odd item for my collection of odd items. I found a few links along those lines too. More importantly I found the Zombie Squad Forums. I’m pretty sure I came across a thread on Bug out Bags. I was blown away by the practicality of the BoB. No B.S all carefully thought about tested items to raise your chance of survivability when moving from a place of danger to a place of safety. I was hooked. I devoured the forum reading everything. That night a survivalist was born.

My love of zombies made it made the site click quickly for me. It quickly made me realize that my preconceived notions of what I would do were all stupid. Yup I was one of the idiots that thought I would just head to Walmart and live there. Which is stupid for a million reasons. Once I learned how wrong I was I decided to learn what I did not know.

I should probably point out at this time that I in no way whatsoever believe that there will ever be a Zombie Apocalypse. No way no how.  I use it as a metaphor and a mental exercise. The Zombie Squad  motto is ” If your prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, your prepared for anything”  How bad is a tornado or a job loss if your ready for Z-day?

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If you have food stored for the apocalypse and you lose your job that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Think about the leverage you can get from not worrying about eating for a few months while job searching. It prevents you from becoming desperate and taking the first offer you get and not the best offer. If you get guns and training on how to use them to fight off the horde it helps if some piece of scum decides to break into your home. Home invasions and murders are a lot more common than zombie hordes and knowing that you can keep yourself and your family safe is worth the investment in time and money.

Photo from Total Fubar from Flickr

To many the zombie genre tends to be very thought provoking. It gets the mind thinking “What wold I do?”. Once those questions are asked enough you begin to realize that you are not prepared. You would be out of food and resources in a few days and would either die or have to risk your life trying to scavenge for resources. Although scavenging is glamorized by Hollywood it is dangerous and stupid. In a Zombie apocalypse you would be putting yourself at risk from Zombies but also other humans whom might see you as a threat. Basically you would be attempting to steal resources from others who may be armed or better armed. It’s better to have what you need now that hope you are able to get it during a disaster. No one likes a looter.

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So that’s how i got into this way of life. Zombies were positive gateway drug to freedom and self sufficiency to me. How did you get into survival? Are you a zombie fan as well? If not what brought you into the lifestyle? Let me know in the comments.



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