Zen Goats Homemade Soaps And Beard Oil Unboxing

Zen Goats Homemade Soaps And Beard Oil Unboxing

Zen Goats Homemade Soaps And Beard Oil Unboxing

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my Serenity, Mike and seeing my mom. And getting gifts like This box from Zen Goats homemade soaps and beard oils. 

I love homemade soap. Being a bit of a crazy hippy, commercial soaps bother me. They are all full of chemicals.

You would think that I would make my own soap. But the last time I tried to make soap resulted in the loss of an eyebrow. 

So I leave it to my friends to make soap for me. 

I have been using the pine scented soap and Gambler beard oil for a few weeks now. 

The soap works great. It smells good and manly. So sissy smells here. 

Zen Goats soap does not leave my skin dry and itchy. Many commercial soaps leave me itching all day. 

The beard oil I’m still getting used to. I have never used a beard oil before and let my beard grow out some just to use it. 

The smell last all day. My girlfriend liked how good it smelled after working all night. I can’t say for sure that Zen Goats, beard oil made my beard softer or not. 

I have not remembered to use it daily which I’m sure helps.

If you are like me and want high-quality homemade soaps and don’t want to or can’t make them yourself try Zen Goats. 

You will support a friend of Survival Punk and a great family. 






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