Worksharp on a Scandi Grind

A few months ago I reviewed the Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. It did a great job sharpening all my knives that were not scandi grinds. Unfortunately the majority of my knives are scandi’s. Worksharp has no attachment to sharpen a scandi grind nor any claim that it will. Well I figured out how to do it and put a shaving sharp edge on my Habilis Trade knife.

I’ve been thinking about trying to sharpen a scandi grind on the Worksharp since I first got it. A few weeks ago I started experimenting with different holds and angels using a cheap mora knife. After initially dulling the blade I got the right angle and got it back to razor-sharp. Once I was comfortable sharpening a $12 knife I moved to my $100 trade knife.

On the edge furthest away from the base is a little nook to rest the spine of the blade on. I rest it on there and rotate towards the belt. Once you’re in contact with the belt keep pushing. The belt has a bit of flex to it. Your going to want to press into it until the scandi bevel is in contact with the belt. Once I’m sure the angle is right I press the power button and very slowly draw backwards. At the tip you will have to be careful, since you will run out of lip to rest on. Also you will have to rotate the knife down will increasing the angle further into the belt.

To get the other side of the blade I just turn the machine around. Using the other side of the belt it tricky and inconsistent. Unless your edge is ruined, start with the red belt and finish on the grey one. Originally on this blade I used the green belt to re-profile the edge.


In learning I did mess up some of the finish on this knife. I don’t care what it looks like though since I finally got a great edge on it. I’m hopping to get out this weekend and see how it works with the new edge.

So for those of you wondering how to sharpen a scandi grind on a worksharp that how. I would highly recommend starting with a mora to get the hang of it. It’s easy to mar up or ruin a blade this way. I would recommend a stone for more scandi sharpening. If you’re re-profiling a blade or just like to use the worksharp on everything then you sure can. Get out there and get sharpening!




2 thoughts to “Worksharp on a Scandi Grind”

  1. Hi Punk,
    I’m curious about this sharpener. I’m a chef, so I have had many a knife sharpened over the years. I’ve noticed with those wheel grinders that it takes a lot off the blade, and then in two years, you have a completely different knife, size-wise. Perhaps because I worked in restaurants, but the edge didn’t seem to last a month even with steeling. I realize my work environment causes much wear and tear, but I’ll be curious on your after sharpening impressions.

    1. I used it on my kitchen knife a few months ago and might now need to be touched up. The green and red belts will eat away a lot of material but the gray honing one won’t.

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