Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Review

After a week or so of testing I’m going to review my work Sharp tool and knife Sharpener (WSKTS).

When you get a Work sharp it comes with the WSKTS,instruction manual, DVD, guides and two sets of abrasive belts. It comes with a guide for kitchen knives and one that does most other knives, scissors and the back of a serrated knife. There is no guide for sharpening a scandi grind blade however. Scandi’s are the easiest to sharpen though. And I’ll be experimenting on sharpening a mora on the WSKTS without a guide to see if it can be done.

The first knife I tried out was my chef’s blade. And after a bit of time I gave up on getting it razor-sharp. I figured it must be the low quality of the knife and not the Work sharp. Then I started sharpening a few of my other knives. With very poor results. I simply could not get the shaving sharp edge I was after. Out of frustration I googled to see if I was doing something wrong. What I came up with is there is just one hell of a learning curve. You need a slow steady pace and have to ensure you maintain the correct angle. After much practice I started getting my knives razor-sharp.

Once I got the hang of it I was able to quickly get my knives sharp. Which besides my scandi knives I’ve never been able to do with a stone. If your like me and suck at knife sharpening if would suggest picking up the WSKTS. I’ve tried and wasted money on several sharpening systems before. They all collect dust now for not working. For only $70 I wish I had gotten this in the first place. Combined with a cheap stone I can get all my knives sharp.

The pro’s on the WSKTS are as follows.


It is fast once you get the hang of it you can sharpen your knives from dull to shaving sharp in a couple of minutes.

Changing the belts it quick and easy.

The belts last through many sharpening’s.

It’s small and light and easily transported.


Now to the cons.

The learning curve sucks. A lot! It took a lot of fiddling to get consistent results.

The instruction manual also sucks. It does not go into nearly enough depth. With contributes to the learning curve.


So if you need a cheap knife sharpening system that actually works and gives great results then check out the Work Sharp Tool and knife sharpener.





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  1. Thank you for taking the time to present an honest evaluation. It helps when the failings are listed with the remedies. Now I know what to look for when I receive mine later this week. There may be knife-sharpening miracles coming but each will require some practice and a lot of patience, which has always been part of knife sharpening. Thank you again…Steve

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