Not One Word Of the Victim

Why I Hate Mainstream Media

A current news story has made me snap a gasket. It’s not just the event being covered but the way in which the media has been covering it. I pretty much have never been a news fan and avoid it but in digging into this story I have become to lose even more respect towards it. Today will be a rant about my ever increasing hatred of the media but will also include my hatred of dumbasses. So stick around will I rip into some assclowns.

Mainstream Media
Mainstream Media

The Story

I saw the news story in a picture on Facebook. At the time I only knew what the picture said. Statements from the reporters were about how bad it was that two teenagers were sentenced for rape. That their promising futures as football players are now over. All the statements left out any sympathy towards the victim. As far as I’m concerned they got ass light. If I had a daughter and this happened to her they would be burying these two pieces of shit. What kind of parent raises a child to think it’s OK to rape someone. I know my mother would have beaten me to death for this and rightly so. Yes the girl drank till she passed out, and the right thing to do would have been to take her to a bed to sleep it off not rape her and take videos and pictures. From reading about it with text msgs sent from the boys they had no remorse over the situation only on being caught and sentenced.  Further more it seems that the story was trying to be hid and the boys protected. Is this the kind of culture we live in?

Not One Word Of the Victim
Not One Word Of the Victim

Mainstream Media Idiots

Watching some clips and reading about this case has disgusted me. The news reporters covering it portray some of the worst examples of journalism ever. They are devoid of morals of any kind. I’m the last person to ever bring up morals but saying it’s OK to violate another person is plain wrong. In life there are moral gray areas where one will consider something immoral and another wont. I’m sure to a Hinduism my curried beef would break a ton of ethics. Mainstream news has never sat well with me, instead I have always preferred alternative news media. They have the freedom to be truthful. This further pushed me away from them and their bad reporting. Worse I doubt many will even notice this. The reporters that did this, especially Candy Crowley, should be looking for new jobs. Judge Napalatonio lost his job after an amazing rant on the lie of the two party political system so reporting that rape is OK should be a job ender.

Alright rant over I just had to get that off my chest. It had been bothering me and the more I read the more irate I became. I will continue to get my news from blogs and Youtube and not any lying ass mainstream news media.

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11 thoughts to “Why I Hate Mainstream Media”

  1. I just read something by Henry Rollins. He was more concerned about what juvenile detention would do to the boys than he was about what happened to the girl. He didn’t think it would help them. I’m sorry, but rape is not something you should be allowed to walk away from.

  2. What was it I saw…”we need to teach not to rape, not to avoid getting raped.” Very true.
    ..but i do agree…main stream news is a giant bag of flaming dog shit, delivered to your doorstep by (insert whichever big corporation you like)

  3. This should help you feel a little better about this case:

    At least the local law is now protecting the victim from further threats.On the radio coming in to work this morning the two teens where charged with a class 3 felony for threatening a witness. The city of Stubenville is in the news daily with corruption and violence and the football team has always been put on a pedestal and worshiped. It is a drug hub between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and it will only get worse in the future.


  4. It is a shame what our society has become. I pray for her and her family. The media has become a mind control machine that tells people what they should think. Wake up folks.

  5. Yeah, this story pissed me off pretty badly, as well. I was raised to always respect women and to understand that “No means NO, PERIOD” as my dad always liked to put it. Regardless of what kind of sentence those boys get, it will not be nearly enough. Nothing short of having their balls cut off will suffice, in my opinion. Violent crimes should be responded to with extremely violent penalties.
    As for the lamestream news media, I’m not the least bit surprised by their response to this story. This has been going on for a loooong time. Like you, I have also chosen to forgo mainstream news in favor of independent, TRUE journalism. I say let the elitists tell each other lies if that’s what helps them sleep at night. I prefer truth, no matter how ugly it gets.

  6. This hits close to home as my wife grew up in the area. The amount of corruption in Steubenville is well documented and the way the initial investigation went down is atrocious. Not suprising, though, considering Stuebenville’s HIGH SCHOOL football stadium seats over 10,000 in a town of barely 16,000 people.

    Love your blog, BTW. Been lurking for some time.

  7. The whole thing makes me want to break shit. What a sick society we live in where we are more concerned with the welfare of rapists than the victims.

  8. I have not owned a TV or watched any meaningful amount of TV in 12 years.

    Its called “programming” for a reason folks.

  9. Well, look at it this way, there are some pretty tough kids in juvie and these are pretty boys so they may ending up understanding how a rape victim feels after all.

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