Whats on your Keys?

Key rings can be an ideal way to carry some EDC items with you and ensure you really do EDC them. My key ring configuration has gone through several variations. Right now this is what I’ve found to work. So let me show you whats on my Key ring!

I try to balance functionality with weight. I don’t want a five pound ball of tangled mess in my pockets. Also from testing some things just don’t survive the bumping around in the pocket. A mini sharpie just wouldn’t stay on its ring even when super glued on. I had a metal pill container on there and it kept coming unscrewed so I’m shopping for a replacement that will stay together. A key concept I use is put everything on its own keyring so it’s modular and I can quickly swap things in and out.

The backbone of my EDC keyring is a locking ring. I got tired of cheap ass carabiners getting weak and having things fall off. I’ve used this one for  a few years now and it works great. It was cheap and strong.


Up next is a bottle opener. I got it a few years ago on St. Patrick’s day. It has opened many a beer. Also does ok at some prying tasks. But mostly I drink a lot of beers with pop tops, home brews included, and keeping a dedicated bottle opened is good practice. Also on this ring is an Army P-38 can opener. I’ve had to use it a few times. For the size weight I can’t see a reason not to carry one.

Up next is a thumb drive with a backup copy of personal documents and important phone numbers. I know I should but have not yet got around to encrypting it. I will have to find some good free/ open source encryption software and get that done.

this is an Inka pen I got from REI. This is probably the most used item on my Keyring besides keys. Having a pen with you at all times is so useful. I use this pen almost everyday. The ink has not run out in over a year. At first I was worried about the $20 price tag for a pen. But this is the only pen I’ve carried for well over a year without losing it or it breaking. Also this thing is rugged I accidental ran it over once with my car and it still works perfectly.

This is a Streamlight nano. Which I’ve had for around two or three years now. I’m about to be on the third change of batteries. One set per year isn’t bad. If you buy the batteries online its worth it. The light output is good enough for most EDC tasks. It is 10 lumens which is not amazing but when factored with the size,weight and price it is a great product.

Next up is one of the most important pieces of gear on the Keyring. This is a mini bic lighter with a paracord lanyard wrapped in electrical tape. A lighter is simply the easiest fastest way to produce fire. In a survival situation I don’t want to mess around try to start fire.

This is very poorly made (by me) para cord bracelet I use as a key fob. it has a dual purpose. It gives my cordage with me at all times. If needed I could break it down and use if for the million uses para cord is good for. Also it gives leverage to the keys that i could use as a weapon if need be.

That’s what I’m currently carrying. Some of the items I am thinking about adding are: Pepper spray, a leatherman micra and  a waterproof container with tender. What do you carry on your key ring? Disagree with one of my choices? Let me know in the comments.



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