Wait The Government Is Closed!?

The government is shut down, there is anarchy and murder in the streets. Cats and dogs are having babies, and the zombie hordes are coming for you. Oh wait no none of that happened. With “non-essential” parts of the gov closed down most of us don’t even notice. I woke up this morning and went to work like always. I of course do not work in government. I know some people are furloughed and that sucks but obviously your job is not that important. The only area that really bothers me is the closing of National parks. In Tennessee the smoky mountains are closed which sadly I’ve not made it to yet anyway. It seems that my favorite parks for hiking are still open. So once again not affected. So what is closed and why do I care?
I’m so tired of politicians jerking us all around. They put on these grand shows of theater. They play their parts to whatever side is supposed to like them. The masses hear the words but don’t see the actions. They all do the same things. They all want to use all of us and gain more power. The majority bend over and take it smiling. They have not passed a budget since April 2009. They keep dicking around and pretend arguing. Now it appears to be in effort to shut down Obamacare. I’m certainly no fan of the bill and wont care if it get killed. I’m also no fan of the government and don’t care if it shuts down more.
Gov Shutdown
Gov Shutdown
It almost seems like the government is testing out how people will respond to small scale collapse. Like they are poking us with a stick to see how we respond. Maybe I’m attributing to malice incompetence though. Maybe there is no master plan they just really are that damn stupid. For those out of work I say go find private sector work we.
Gov Shutdown
Gov Shutdown
Has the shutdown affected you? Do you even care? Want more of the government closed? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts to “Wait The Government Is Closed!?”

  1. what don’t people understand–non-essential=unimportant! Life goes on. Just wish the low information voters would get some brains and quit watching the lame media.

  2. I have some friends who are in the Army in Germany and their PX shut down. This has been really bad as they can’t afford to buy food at the German market. I’m unsure how this effects everyone else but that has been the biggest upset I’ve seen so far.

  3. It does not affect you… yet. The furloughed employees are not mission essential, but that doesn’t mean their jobs are not important. The government can get by without them AT THIS TIME. A very good example is happening right now in Florida. With the tropical storm headed towards an area with more than 5 military installations, furloughed workers are being called back to help secure the bases against high winds and storm surges. One bad thing is that the furloughed workers will not get paid for being called back until after the shutdown is over. Another bad thing is that there are still “mission essential” civilian workers in the government, who were not furloughed and therefore still working, that will not get payed their normal paychecks until the budget is passed.

    If this goes on for too long then these “mission essential” employees will not be able to pay their bills, buy groceries, and all luxuries are completely out of the question. So, even you may not work for the government, this shutdown will eventually affect you because that is a lot of money not going into the economy. If they can’t pay their phone bills, phone companies will have to cut back because they won’t be getting enough money to pay their employees. If they can’t buy groceries, grocery stores will cut down on their workers and that will lead to cutbacks at the distribution centers. People won’t be able to afford vacations, date-nights, new clothes, which will cut down on those establishments revenues and lead to cutbacks of employees, food vendors, factory workers.

    I guess living in an area where the local economy is very reliant on military and tourism make it easier for me to see these kinds of affects because I have seen similar instances before after the oil spill and various hurricanes. I am not pro-government… I think our government is shit and class full of 5th graders could do a better job, but I do see where this is headed and it is not going to be pretty

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