Why Is Gluten So Bad?

Gluten is the devil! It’s a vile insidious substance that should not exist in this world. I’m pretty sure it will be the cause of the impending zombie apocalypse. If you eat gluten you are worst than the worst harlot. Wait what is gluten and why is it so bad? I’ve been mostly Gluten free for years now. Partly by proxy of gluten being in wheat, wheat being full of carbs, and staying away from bread for that. When I read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf he stressed the inherent insidiousness of gluten. I read a few things and decided that it was bad. I forgot most of what I read though and only ended up with the important part, Gluten bad smash gluten! I realized I was advocating to friends and family to avoid gluten and my reason was “It’s bad”…not exactly the most convincing not scientific reason. So today I’ll share with you, and myself in the process, Why is gluten so bad and why you should avoid it. Stick with me as we dive down the gluten filled donut hole of doom my friends.

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