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Prepperrecon Appearance

I was recently interviewed on the PrepperRecon Podcast. I push my campaign of fitness once again. We talk about getting in shape. The paleo diet basics. I talk about my crossfit experiences. What are benefits to crossfit beyond the exercise? We share stories of sobriety. Prepperrecon has been sober for 10 years and James 11 months. Why would being drunk be a problem during a collapse? We talk about how much easier life is when your fit. How will fitness apply during a collapse? While talking about health we bring up healthy relationships. Freeing yourself from toxic relations to improve your mental health. If you are being held back by someone you have to let them go. What does a paleo prepper store? James tells you what you can store to build your healthy food preps. Be surprised that it isn’t much different from what your store. We talk about some threats to watch out for. The mob mentality of some to burn and destroy cities. We had a great time chatting with Mark from Prepperrecon so have a listen.



Survivalpunk Prepperrecon

James from Survival Punk joins me on the show today. We talk about the importance of being in shape to thrive after it hits the fan. We also discuss the importance of eating good and freeing yourself from toxic relationships and addictive substances; other than lemon Oreos.

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