Kodiak Fire Starter

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I asked Mike From Skills and Gear if he would mind doing a guest article this week while I am on vacation and he banged out an awesome one! Enjoy.


Kodiak Fire Starter

James asked me to do a guest article while he was on vacation so I thought long and hard on what I wanted to talk about with you guys. I happened to be watching a show that reminded me of how much useless garbage there is on the market I and I just wanted to introduce you to one such piece of crap. I thought I might take a shot as a pitch man for this product and give them a new sales line while I’m at it so here goes. Now introducing the Kodiak Fire Starter, It’s not that it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work well. Now that I have summed up the product let’s get into specifics.

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Just a short post for now will have a real  one up later tonight. Had a great hike today at Long Hunter State park With James and Mike from Skills and Gear. I had intended to do some gear testing but the rain made it a short trip. Two lessons learned though. One replace the paracord on the GHB holding the wool blanket with fast tex buckle strapping. The jostling from hiking kept making it come lose. Second add rain pants. The poncho worked awesome. At keeping my upper body dry while dumping water on my pants.