Permaculture Playing Cards

Permaculture Playing Cards


Permaculture Playing Cards
                 Permaculture Playing Cards

I saw recently that Paul Wheatons Permaculture playing cards have been updated. I never got around to doing a proper review before. Time to rectify that. If you have happened to listen to our earlier podcasts you will know that we used to read one permaculture playing card.  Couch Potato Mikes organizing system failed though.

I’m sure all of you know what permaculture is right? No? Google defines it as such:


  1. the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Which is a wholly lacking term. Geoff Lawton defines it as a design science. Learning permaculture allows you to design systems, like garden, in a more holistic way. I’m a permaculture fan more so than an expert. Getting a deck actually taught me a lot.


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Survivalpunk Podcast Episode 10

Join James and Mike from Survivalpunk today as we discuss topics such as a Devastating ice storm, Anarchy in the Ukraine, Crossfit, Paleo Mre's and much more.
Join James and Mike from Survivalpunk




Join James and Mike this week as they discuss topics such as The seven easiest vegetables to grow, The Bundy Ranch, Prepping 101 first aid, Permaculture  Playing Cards, Carbs and pose running and Mikes Worst case scenarios and Survivalpunk is accepting sponsors.

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Permaculture Playing Cards

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