Episode #15 The Legend Of Mick Dodge




Join James and Mike as they discuss topics such as hiking early morning and enjoying being in nature and having fun. Learn how to blend in with a article from Jeremy at How to Survive it. There’s  a new crypto currency called  Titcoin being rolled out by the porn industry. The main show topic of the day is about the NatGeo show Mick Dodge. They discuss what they like about the show and what they don’t like and what’s not true. The Survival gadget of the day is a fire piston. The guys went out to start a fire before recording an have some thoughts on why it’s should not be your main fire method. A reminder that the Tropical Traditions contest is still going on. Talk about an interesting article on 3 reasons people are obsessed with Crossfit with a twist you won’t see coming. The permaculture minute this week features Food preservation from the Paul Wheaton Permaculture Cards. The wild edible of the week is the persimmon.

Topics this Week

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