Will Mayor

Episode 53 Will Mayor On Tracking

Will Mayor
Will Mayor




Today we welcome Will Mayor onto the show. Will is a Navy Vet who has formed a survival school. Will is currently focused on tracking.

Will is the head instructor at the Z.E.R.E Survival School in Ohio. Z.E.R.E. stands for Zombie Evasion Resistance Elimination. Will say’s it like this

” As a Veteran, I see people take an awful lot of chances with their personal safety on a daily basis”. It is our most sincere wish to be able to teach people basic modern survival skills, how to defend themselves, their homes and loved ones. While the world turns into a scarier place everyday, we would like to teach this serious skill set through the much loved concept of the zombie apocalypse.


We dig into how to begin learning tracking. Tips for those new to the practice and things often overlooked. We also discuss Obstacle course races and their benefit to survival. All this and more.
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