Mike In a Hammock as a bed

Hammock As A Bed Experiment

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I decided to write this in the morning as opposed to my usual before bed. I wanted to squeeze in one more night of my experiment. I decided to use my Trek Light Hammock as a bed a few weeks ago. It was something I had long thought about.

Recently two things lined up that made me decide to do so. First my I finally had to get rid of my 10 year old bed. I was sleeping on the futon in the living room. Which is on ┬áit’s death bed too. Next while listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast Kelly Starrett was talking about hammocks as a bed. He was saying to move away from hard beds and get one as soft as possible. His recommendation was to use a hammock as a bed. That’s all I needed. If Kelly was saying it would be the best for health and mobility then I was in. What did I learn in my experiment? Let’s find out!


Mike In a Hammock  as a bed
Mike In a Hammock

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