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Episode 21 Glen Tate on 299 Days and Crossfit

Glen Tate
Glen Tate



Glen Tate Interview

Another Mikes guest invite paid off. Glent Tate author of the 299 Days books emailed me about being on the show. He liked my review of the books so much be wanted on. Also as It turns out we have something else in common. Glen drank from the kool aid and joined the cult of crossfit. We both are of the mind that physical fitness is one of the most important preps. I’ll take any chance to spread the word on getting in shape. We do talk about the books a good bit though. I got my co host Mike hooked on the books before this podcast. Mike really got into the swing of things and asked some hard hitting questions.  This will be different from any interview with Glen Tate you’ve heard. He all had a great time and covered some important info.We hear about the upcoming audio versions.  Glen Tates 299 Days books are the best prepper fiction out there. Go check them out.



  • Who is Glen Tate.
  • The Role Of Fitness In Disaster Preparedness.
  • What is Crossfit.
  • Get Fit NOW Rather than later.
  • 299 Days: Semi Fictional Story Set In A Preppers Guide.
  • Is He afraid to be found out?
  • Worst Workout Ever?
  • Best P.R?
  • Community Aspect.
  • Glens Take on Nutrition.
  • Doors opening and Making Friends.



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The Collapse

299 Days: The Collapse

I just finished the second book in the 299 Days series and have already moved onto the third. For those that don’t know 299 Days is an epic book series written by Glen Tate about a collapse of the United States. Glen and the character Grant in the book both have an inside track into government corruption and wrong doings. The first book was back-story on Grant and his realization that things could and would go wrong. With his knowledge of a probable collapse he takes steps to ensure that his family is taken care of by becoming a survivalist in secret. Things are starting to break down at the end of the first book. The second is where the shit really starts hitting the fan and where this review will pick up for 299 days: The Collapse.

The Collapse
The Collapse

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