Debt is Slavery

Prepping for NOW – Debt Reduction at all Costs

Today is an excellent guest post about debt elimination. When I was contacted by Gale Newell  on submitting an article on debt reduction  I was excited to run it. Debt is evil and needs to be destroyed. So enjoy this and get rid of the debt. -James


Prepping is about being self-reliant. It’s about being detached from any and all dependencies. When SHTF the current political and economic systems we currently fall in line with will be gone, or at least much less stable and reliable on an everyday basis. No longer will you be able to leave your home, get in your car, drive to the local supermarket and secure all the foodstuffs on your shopping list. Food and other supplies will be scarcer and much harder to acquire. Life in general will not be as easy as it is now. So what can you do to prep for the future? Start with cutting those strings of dependency. First and foremost, eliminate any and all debts tying you down.

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