DIY activated carbon guest post

Update: I ran this yesterday while on my way back in the car. When I copied and pasted the article the formatting went right out the window and this beautiful article became impossible to read. It is all fixed now and readable. Once again I would like to thank the guys at Zombease for letting me run this post while I’m on vacation. If you have not I suggest you check out what they are doing and give them a like on Facebook.


Activated Charcoal for survival


From use in medical treatments, to simple gardening, water treatment, crafting and more, activated charcoal has proven to be an indispensable resource for thousands of years the world over. It is both readily available and easy to make at home, making it one of the easiest preparations you can make towards outliving the undead.

Only use natural charcoal that is additive and extender free, fuel soaked briquettes and charcoal with extenders can be dangerous to use for the majority of the things listed below.

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