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Is This Paleo? Can I Eat This?

The most important work I’ve done in my life has been to inspire others to get healthy. I’ve spread the paleo msg since starting Survivalpunk. Over the years some have listened to that msg. They have decided┬áto follow me down the paleo rabbit hole. Badass! I have emails and text msgs about feeling better and losing weight. Every time I think I’m spinning my wheels with this whole thing they lift me up. You are why I’m compelled to keep on preaching the paleo word. There is another kind of msg I get often though. Is this paleo? Can I eat this? I get those questions so often. I try not to get aggravated though. They are making a huge leap into a world they don’t know. It’s also a mistake on my part for not teaching the bigger picture. So today I’m going to try to teach a little better to help y’all out.

Paleo Flow Chart Is this paleo
Paleo Flow Chart

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