Wheat Nutrient Dense

Nutrient Dense VS. Calorie Dense



Wheat Nutrient Dense

These two terms are often confused. Nutrient dense and calorie dense are often completely separate. While you are getting enough calories you are not getting enough nutrients. This makes you crave more food. It is one of the reasons for overeating. Your body craves the missing nutrients. As you keep piling in food lacking in nutrients you stay hungry.

I heard recently that wheat was calorie dense. I almost snapped out. This common myth is so pervasive. If you ask ten people on the street if wheat is nutrient dense you will get 9 yes’. Why do so many think wheat is good for you. You will get many answers. Mostly we have relied on grains for the growth of civilization for thousands of years. It’s always been done. Tradition. I’m here to break that today.

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