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I had known about the firearms magazine Recoil many months ago and the issues they had with pissing off the entire firearms community with some anti 2nd amendment comments. I had not read it so didn’t really have a say in the whole thing. The other day I was grabbing a drink from a gas station and noticed they had the newest issue there. The cover looked great so I decided to pick it up and give it a read. The issue is number #6 and has some editorial changes to fix the issues with the anti 2nd amendment comments. I can’t speak for the previous issues or editorial staff but I’m enjoying this issue and will be talking about it today.


Iain Harrison
Iain Harrison

New Editor

They tossed the old editor, the one who derailed their success and hired Iain Harrison. Iain is most known for being the winner of first season of History Channels Top Shot. He is a former British Army Captain who moved to America after the He was forced to turn in his guns due to strict UK gun laws. Iain is a big supporter of the 2nd amendment and plans to use Recoil to help defend the rights granted by it.



Thoughts on Content

The content is varied and not just all about guns. Which is a great thing in my opinion. I’ve bought gun magazines in the past and found many to be nothing more than catalogs. Recoil covers much more than just guns, although there is plenty of firearms articles. In this issue there are articles on AR15 upper assembly, solar power gear, krambit knives, tactical gloves and more. The content is well written as well and not just price and the sales pitch. There was an article comparision between the Springfield Armory Xds and Glock 30, a showdown of two new concealable .45 ACP guns. The level of detail that they put into the testing of these two weapons made me happy. When I test out a piece of gear I like to beat the shit out of it and really dig into it. I like seeing others that feel the same. The  issue also came with a zombie pull out target.



The magazine used to be a quarterly publication, a mistake in my opinion. Four issues a year is not enough and people tend to get tired of waiting so long. With issue six they are changing to a bi-monthly publication schedule. I feel this is a big step in the right direction I feel that Monthly is the best schedule for a publication. That is enough time to produce quality content and to keep it fresh in readers minds.

Will I buy Again?

I have enjoyed the current issue, #6, very much. The cover price on it was $8.99 which is pretty steep for a magazine if you decide to subscribe you have two options, six issues for $49.95 or twelve issues $89.95. This averages out to $8.32 for six and $7.49 for twelve. Normally getting a subscription over buying off the newsstand is a considerable savings, in this case it’s not much at all. I will instead flip through at the counter and if the content is interesting enough I’ll get that issue. So I will most likely buy future issues, I see this magazine putting out some great content.

Do you read Recoil? Did the previous editor run you off? What’s your favorite magazine? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think it’s a great magazine so far and has big potential. I think the higher cost of the magazine comes from the quality of paper, awesome photographs, and the target in each mag. And no I don’t work for them…just a big fan.

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