Primitive Survival Vs Modern Survival |episode 147

Primitive Survival Vs Modern Survival
Primitive Survival Vs Modern Survival


Primitive Survival Vs Modern Survival



This week I talk about the differences of Primitive Survival Vs Modern Survival. 

It is a chat on some of the skills and tools of both. 

I talk about which skills are best. Which ones aren’t as important. And which tools give you the biggest bang for your buck. 



  • Primitive fire, hand drill, bow drill fire plow, flint, and steel.
  • Primitive shelters. Lean-tos, debris hut
  • Flint napping,
  • Primitive weapons and traps
  • Food preservation, smoking, drying, curing, pickling
  • High tech
  • Ultralight gear.
  • Tents, hammocks, Sil nylon tarps.
  • Ferro rods, fresnel lens, chemical fire, lighters
  • Guns, Pepper, spray, Compound bows


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