Online Carry Training

I was contacted by Online Carry Training about their online carry class they offer. I was slightly skeptical of an online carry course but was intrigued too. I asked them to let me take the course for this review. I set aside enough time to take the class based on my guess of how long it would take. After completing the course I want to share my experiences of the class and why you might consider taking an online carry class.



Online Carry Training

I will admit I was not the biggest fan of the concept initially. I like doing things in person and locally so online classes don’t hold high regard to me. During the training video they point out that this is not the same as firearms training and is not a substitute. I highly agree that this class cannot replace range time with a good instructor. You will learn the basics of firearm safety quickly.


Who is it for?

If you have never fire a gun before and this will be your first firearms course this is not for you. If you are taking it to learn to shoot better it is also not for you. If you are a new shooter then go take a class with a good instructor in person.  If you are an experienced shooter, have had a CCW in another state and just want to get your permit then this class is for you. It is quick, at less then thirty minutes for the video and test. It cost less than carry course. If you know about firearms and want to not waste a whole day and save some moeny then this class is for you.  Not every state accepts this course though and you will have to check the state requirements. A quick tip though is it is accepted by Arizona and they offer non-resident permits. So you could get a non-resident permit and with it carry in all the states that honor it.

After thinking about using it to quickly get a permit or to use it when moving to obtain one I like the concept. The video is quick and to the point. I enjoyed my carry class but the teacher was long winded. The class time could easily be condensed, no reason that the class needs be four hours. So if you are looking to get a carry permit and are already experienced with firearms then check out Online Carry Training.

Have you taken a carry class? Did you learn anything or sit there bored? Let me know in the comments!


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One thought to “Online Carry Training”

  1. Kentucky

    Applying for the Arizona Non-Resident Permit to Carry Permit allows you to carry in the state of Kentucky. The state of Kentucky observes the Arizona Non-Resident Permit to Carry Permit as a valid permit for carrying a concealed weapon. Simply follow the instructions you will find at the bottom of the page to go through the application process.

    This is not accurate as I called the KY State Police to inquire.

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