Olight M2R Warrior The Rechargeable Tactical Light You Need

Olight M2R Warrior The Rechargeable Tactical Light You Need

Olight M2R Warrior The Rechargeable Tactical Light You Need
Olight M2R Warrior The Rechargeable Tactical Light You Need


Olight M2R Warrior The Rechargeable Tactical Light You Need




My favorite flashlight company just sent me a new light for testing and review. This time I have the Olight M2R Warrior

I have owned several Olight lights now and that company is always improving. They go above and beyond for their research and manufacturing. 

Although all their lights would do well in a tactical situation this is the first I’ve owned that is purpose-built for it. 

I have been testing it for the past week so I can tell you all about it. I even broke my own personal rule and read the instructions. 

The Specs

  • Max Lumens 1,500
  • 7 Light settings
  • Aluminum Body With Hard Anodizing
  • IPX8 Certified
  • 18650 Battery
  • USB rechargeable


Moon Mode: 1 Lumen 25 days

Low 15: Lumens 70 hours

Med 2: 60 Lumens 20 Hours

Med 1: 250 Lumens 6 Hours

High: 700 Lumens 2 Hours

Turbo: 1,000~700 Lumens 3+120 Minutes

Tactical Turbo: 1,500~700 Lumens 3+120 Minutes 

The Extras

Olight is great about including extras in the packaging. And the packaging itself is nice. 

With the Olight M2R Warrior You get the light, 18650 (3500mAh) battery, USB Magnetic charging cable, Holster, Laynard and the user manual. 

The holster is very well made. No loose stitching. Has a drainage grommet in the bottom. A plastic fasting clip and a belt loop with a metal button. 

The lanyard is a great design and feels great on the wrist. It even comes with metal guides to help you thread it through the lanyard hole. 



At first, I was annoyed that to get to the highest brightness you had to press in the tail cap and hold it. But not press too deeply or you would activate the strobe mode. 

That was because I didn’t read the instructions. 

Deep press the tail cap and click the side button to change to and from the enhanched tactical mode. 

Also, I found out how to get to the brightest mode on the side button. Double press the side button to get to high then double press again to get to turbo mode. 

When you turn off the light it will go back down to the last non-turbo setting. 

If you are patroling pressing the tail cap button in to get the high mode and having quick access to the strobe mode is great. 

You can have the side button activated and have a finger on the tail to go to strobe if needed. 

And with the rechargeable 18650 battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of power and spending a fortune on batteries. 


After reading the manual and learning how to work the Olight M2R Warrior I have fewer issues with the light. 

In fact, my only issue is in the weight. And that is 5.47 oz with the battery. Which is only about a third a pound. 

When I build EDC systems I try to reduce weight and bulk as much as possible. 



In conclusion, the Olight M2R Warrior is a great light. It is very purpose-built for tactical uses though. 

I say it is best for Military, Police and Security Guards. 

The Olight M2R Warrior would also be good as a bedside light you use to check out noises in the night. 

The weight keeps it from being my go-to EDC light though. The Olight H2R Nova is my favorite still. 

Where to Buy

eBay Store



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