Level II First Aid Kit

Today’s post might go long but medical tangent should always be a priority. I’m going to go through my level II FAK. I’ll tell you why I chose what I do. What works and what doesn’t.

For my level II FAK I am using a surplus M3 medic bag I picked up for $20. I’ve got the bag stuffed to about its limit. The M3 has there zippered pouches and a pocket in the middle.

On the Strap I keep a military CAT tourniquet.

In the bottom pouch I keep the small items that are used often.

I have a bag of adhesive bandages. Various sizes and types. This bag also has butterfly strips.

Next I have my wound sterilization module. This consist of alcohol prep pads, iodine prep pads, iodine ointment and a neosporin tube. I’m looking to add some sterile saline eye drops for wound irrigation.

Next is a comfort module. It has headache relief, Imodium, pain killers, ant acid cough drops and lip balm.

Next I carry several pairs of nitrile gloves. These are not sterile but I can use hands sanitizer on them if needed. Mostly they are to protect me from coming in contact with questionable body fluids.
In this pouch I also carry orange duct tape and medical tape on plastic cards. I’ve got a pen and sharpie. There’s  a tube of after bite itch eraser, neosporin neo to go, tweezers superglue and a cheap gauze roll. Also in this pouch are a few Adaptic’s non adhering dressings and Steri Strips.The last two items seem to have not done well in the car with all the heat.

In the middle pouch I have 1 military Sam Splint that came with the bag. A four pack of hot hands hand warmers. A roll of 3M transpore tape. A hand sanitation module with a small bottle of hand sanitizer and several wet ones singles. I also have a box cutter and an ace bandage in the pouch

In the pocket between the last pouch and middle I keep EMT shears and forceps.

The last and largest pocket is my would management pocket. in here I have two Israli dressings, Four camo first aid field dressings, two gauze rolls, 4 packages of Kerlix super sponges, 1 Quick Clot Sport 4 Surgipads, 6 3×4  non adherent pads, 7 3×3 pads, and another cheap gauze roll.The purpose of this back pocket is to be able to effectively control bleeding.

This intention of this pack in daily First Aid needs and First response treatment to help a victim make it till help arrives. That’s why sterility is not as strict in this. I only have enough training to stop bleeding and stabilize a patient. I have so far only used this kit on myself with changing dressing on wounds, taking aspirin and putting band aids on myself and others.

Things I’ve yet to add are a decompression needle to treat tension pneumothorax ,a chest seal and a space blanket. I’ve considered adding sutures but I’m not trained in suturing and would rather use Steri strips of superglue. I am also missing burn gel from this kit and will be corrected soon.

Although I do really like the M3 medic bag I have two complaints.  It is just a little too small, the rear pocket is starting to bulge badly. Also it is hard to quickly get to things. You have you unzip and dig around or even pull out everything to get to what you’re looking for. I’ve looked at the BlackHawk Emergency Medical Roll and I love the design but think it’s too big. I want a slightly smaller version.

What do carry in your FAK? Is there something I should add? Let me know in the comments.




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