JetBoil Stove Review

Today I’m going to review my Jetboil stove. The Jetboil PCS weights 15 oz. Has a 1 liter capacity and boils 16 ounces in just under two minutes. It features an adjustable burner with push button igniter. Come with an insulating lid that you can drink through.



This is my go to stove for hiking and camping. The main reason for that is that I have never had a failure with this stove. I have and make alcohol stoves and have had mixed results using them. If conditions are just right Alcahol stoves work fine but they can be temperamental.The Jetboil has worked flawlessly on my vacation cooking meals everyday. the considerable extra weight on the Jetboil, over 1 pound with fuel, compared to 1-2 oz for an alcohol stove I feel is worth it due to reliability.

I like that the Jetboil is a complete system. It all packs down nicely in itself. All nested in a nice package. Assembly is very simple and quick. Everything just screw into place and your ready to start cooking.

If you’re looking for an easy to use fast and reliable cooking solution for backpacking and camping I highly recommend the Jetboil. It’s perfect for those of us not counting ounces and grams in our packs. I can tell you from personal experience that it sucks to be on the trail and wanting a nice warm meal and your alcohol stoves wont work and your stuck eating cold food.

The pro’s for the jetboil are:

  • Reliable. The Jetboil simply works every time under any conditions.
  • Easy to use
  • Packs down well.

The con’s are as follows:

  • It is heavy
  • Your limited to carrying in food as being a single fuel stove.

So in conclusion if you’re looking for an all in one cooking system where weight is not a big concern and you want something to be reliable then the Jetboil PCS is the stove for you.






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