Evils Of Feminism And SJW

The Evils Of Feminism And SJW | episode 155

Evils Of Feminism And SJW
Evils Of Feminism And SJW


The Evils Of Feminism And SJW | episode 155



This week I am joined by my co host Couch Potato Mike again. 

We have a fun rant about the world being ruined by feminist and SJW. 

I have been getting more and more angry at the feminist and Social justice warrior agenda being shoved down my throat in media. 

Every new movie and TV is more propaganda. Anything that doesnt fit the narrative is killed. 

Neither race nor gender means anything in the casting of characters. 

Men are mostly portrayed as idiots. 



  • Feminism and SJW’s
  • Changing the Language. Pronouns, Removing Masculine words.
  • Equality doesn’t mean the removal of rights from others.
  • Free Speach unless you disagree
  • What do marches ever accomplish?
  • Rights Don’t Mean Free Shit.
  • The Equal pay BS.
  • Forced Inclusion
  • Rape is a definitive action.
  • Let’s kill Shamming.



Feminists Want To Remove Man From Woman

Gavin Mcinnes

Harrison Bergeron


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2 thoughts to “The Evils Of Feminism And SJW | episode 155”

  1. Was listening to this podcast and even I have to agree that there is too much political correctness everywhere these days. lol And unlike Couch Potato Mike, I AM a black lesbian lol….you’d be surprised at how many LGBT folk of any race are preppers (most of them are former military, anyway.) Great show, guys.

    P.S. I will always be for equal rights, however, I buy my own fuckin’ tampons and pads. I don’t need no handouts, unlike these privileged nutcase SJWs running the streets…

    1. Thanks for listening. I would be surprised. I think they are less vocal in the community. Or just don’t make it a big deal. We’re all here to learn and survive. Who we choose to bang isn’t that important

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