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Mountain Chang From Chronology Episode 110




Mountain Chang From Chronology
Mountain Chang From Chronology


Mountain Chang From Chronology

This week Mike and I welcome on Mountain Chang from Chronology. Mountain is the creator of the Primal Professional shoe. The Primal Professional fills the gap in professional minimalist footwear. Until Mountain Chang created it there wasn’t anything decent on the market. With a very ugly vibram being the only other zero drop minimal dress shoe.


I did a full review on them a few months ago Here.  After a year of use they are still my favorite pair of shoes. I’ve used them outside of work for everyday shoes and walked around a ren fair all day in them.


We talk about Mountains decision to go paleo. We dig into his training routine . Mountain is using the Wendler 5/3/1 system. A very organized and analytical way to gain strength.


We round out the show by talking about gun. Mountain bought a mossberg 500 shotgun for self protection. He talks about the how he choose that model.





  • Who is Moutain Evan Chang
  • Tell me about Chronology AKA The Primal Professional
  • Why The Name change?
  • When are the boots coming out?
  • What’s in the future for Chronology?
  • Briefly tell me about the transition from Corporate life to Full time entrepreneur
  • Why did you go paleo/ Primal
  • Tell me about your lifting routine.
  • Anything new in your EDC System?
  • I remember your blog post on shooting a shotgun. Do you still own it and have you got any more firearms?
  • Where can people find you at online?



Mountains Blog

Wendler 5/3/1

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