Episode 49 Iceapocalypse

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases
James and Mike


This weeks podcast almost didn’t happen. The weather tried to prevent us from coming together to record. TN  was hit hard by an ice storm this past week. I was trapped in the tiny house for 6 days. Mike was stuck home for three.

This week we talk about a TN bill to decriminalize marijuana. A new home battery bank from Tesla Motors. Officials say eating healthy is a mental disorder.

The main topic this week in on the Iceapoalypse we had. The Governor of TN declared is a class 2 state of emergency. Yes I know you northerners are laughing it up. We don’t have the equipment down here to deal with it. It is the south afterall. It was ice as well not snow. Snow I can deal with. Ice is the devil.

It was a real test of my preps this week. I found what works and what was lacking. I ordered snow chains to fill that gap in my preps. I am also going to be ordering powdered heavy cream.



New Home Battery From Tesla Motors

TN Bill To Decriminalize Weed

Officials Declare Eating Healthy A Mental Disorder


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4 thoughts to “Episode 49 Iceapocalypse”

  1. i heard on today’s show i am challenged to a caber toss . i need some dimensions (length diameter type ) so i can find a similar piece of wood to make things fair. Also how long was the furthest throw ?

    also mike should go back to paleo LOL!

  2. During the housing market crash, I was laid off for 9 months (November to August). I was stuck in a tiny, bachelor apartment roughly 20′ x 20′ minus the spaced needed for my queen sized bed. I found that keeping busy kept away cabin fever.

    I would buy really cheap xbox games that were pre-owned from Blockbuster and I would interspersed play with web surfing / trolling job boards, and working on creative projects like painting and growing plants. The more things you can work on (in brief spurts) really helps kill time.

    The issue with job loss is that while you have all the time in the world, you don’t have the money to do anything, especially in the city.

  3. I personally wouldn’t use my car to charge house batteries, it’s extra wear and tear on the engine. If you have to go that route at least get the highest amperage alternator available for your car to charge the battery as fast as possible. They are usually easy to change out yourself though some car manufacturers make it more difficult that it needs to be.

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