Episode 20 Anarchy Is Awesome

Join James and Mike


Join James and Mike today as they discuss the following topics.  Ten tips for concealed carry. Rainwater  is now illegal in many states now. Why I’m an anarchist these days. Coconu lube personal lubricant. Trouble with the hook grip try these tips. Permaculture minute is the Chickens card. The wild edible of the week is the acacia tree.


  • Concealed Carry Tips.
  • Rain Water Illegal.
  • Anarchy.
  • Coconu Lube.
  • Hook Grip.
  • Chickens.
  • Acacia Tree.


What led him to become an anarchist. James and Mike talk about being young anarchist. What is anarchy and what it is not. There are many misconceptions about anarchy. It does not mean total chaos. The word meaning has been altered by the world governments. They wanted to make it synonymous with chaos. The government’s marketing campaign worked great and most believe it.  Is Mike becoming an anarchist too. James is slowly converting Mike along with all of you. Don’t believe the two party lies. Work on personal liberty. Ignore the fools. Build the life you want because voting will never build the life you want.


Friends the podcast is not a lecture from James and Mike. It’s a discussion between friends so make your voice heard and leave a comment.



Links For Today

Ten Tips For Concealed Carry.

Collecting Rain Water Now Illegal In Many States .

Trouble With Your Hook Grip .

Acacia Tree.


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